What is Moving the Free Line?

Moving the free line happens to be one of the most effective forms of marketing available today. It doesn’t matter what your business is, moving the free line will ultimately allow you to provide more value to the marketplace and to your customers, while at the same time attracting an abundance of leads and subsequent profitable sales.

It will absolutely change the way you do business forever.

This post in and of itself will actually be moving the free line and be an example of what you could do for your business. You’re going to have to get creative in how to incorporate this strategy into your business, but I will provide you plenty of examples of how others online are currently moving the free line.

So what exactly IS the moving the free line? This video below provides a fantastic explanation:

Interesting right? But it makes sense! If you have some part of your business to give to people for free (even if you could be charging for it) you’re opening the floodgates, allowing people to get a taste of your business, and ultimately given the opportunity to form a better relationship with your customers. Does this remind anyone of free trials or samples?

The services industry is particularly easy to move the free line where companies can offer free consultations, relevant information, coaching and even free trials. Internet marketing businesses are notorious for moving the free line in a number of different ways. Below are three different strategies that companies are effectively using to move the free line and profit immensely!

moving the free line What is Moving the Free Line?

Three Strategies Websites are Using to Move the Free Line

Webinar Training and Coaching

The Mullet What is Moving the Free Line?

Building a Brand Online uses a very basic, and effective strategy to move the free line. This websiteis one example where people can come digest the information and content whenever they’d like without having to pay. Additionally, Building a Brand Online also offers free webinar training on a consistent basis. Recently, we have been training people on the New Facebook Groups and exposing them to some of the strategies we’ve learned. Within every webinar, students are shown the option on how to get additional paid professional training. As a matter of fact, the Facebook Groups for Business coaching product teaches a module called “The Reverse Mullet” which breaks down moving the free line into a science.

Giving Away the Base Product

The Free Blog Factory has an extremely unique version of moving the free line. Here, they literally give you a custom WordPress blog for free and completely set up. They even go so far as to provide tons of valuable training on the back side, also for free! So you might wonder where they make their money… They have the ability to market future products to their current users, and they also utilize the standard sales strategy called the “up-sell.” Essentially, the Free Blog Factory gives away the blog, and you’re offered some paid options (like a customized blog header or YouTube background) to add to the service they’re providing you.

Providing a Free Trial - The “Freemium” Model

Tube Toolbox is an outstanding example of a traditional free trial business model. They allow you to sign up for a limited version of the premium paid product so that you can try it out first hand and see if you like it. You may have heard the word freemium used to describe services like this or HootSuite. A large portion of the service is available for free and the premium version is paid and offers additional capabilities. The Tube Toolbox is the holy grail of software services available to people looking to get serious about YouTube and accumulating more views and subscribers. What’s powerful about the free trial version of the Tube Toolbox is that once you get a taste, you’re immediately compelled to go for the upgrade.

tubetoolbox banner 468x60 What is Moving the Free Line?

These are just a few examples of companies I’ve seen moving the free line. Can you think of any companies or websites that are using similar or completely unique versions of moving the free line? Comment and leave your examples below!

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  • http://howtobuildyouronlineempire.com Joshua Zamora

    Awesome Post man! Although I was a bit disappointed not to see you in the video 8) Great information anyhow on making more by giving away more.

    • http://AvramGonzales.com/ Avram

      Maybe next time ;) There’s a video post brewing for sure!

  • Anonymous

    Excellent blog post Avram. My question is for how long we can follow the Free line methods? I do believe this system always works :)

    • http://AvramGonzales.com/ Avram

      I suppose we’ll be able to tell only through experimentation! Do you mean, how far can you stretch or extend the free line before it no longer works?

      • Anonymous

        Thanks Avram. What I meant what is the time frame? 1 month, 2 month .. 1 year to do that?

        • http://AvramGonzales.com/ Avram

          If I understand your question correctly Yusuf you want to know how long we can use this strategy?

          I think probably forever. This go-giver attitude is going to take people places in their business and in their personal lives. Its more than just a strategy its a good way to live out your days.

  • http://twitter.com/DonnaLThomas Donna Thomas

    Avram, It’s all about first the relationship you create with your customers, secondarily the service; ie the content, an area where you are quite adept. Once those are accomplished you have a loyal following and normally they will follow your recommendations on future product releases.

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