Building a Brand Online February Link Roundup

This post highlights 21 Bloggers from a diverse number of industries and practices, but all from one community - Building a Brand Online. Each link exemplifies a different perspective on how to better brand yourself or your business online. It doesn’t matter if you’re a musician, lawyer, internet marketer, network marketer, life lover, fitness freak or what have you - these are all glowing examples of how each of the individuals below have chosen to communicate their brand to the world. Enjoy the first ever Building a Brand Online Link Roundup!

Blog Roundup Building a Brand Online February Link Roundup

Why Smart, Savvy Business Owners will be rushing to Facebook Groups by

With over 480 Facebook Recommends, 100+ Tweets, and 35+ comments on this article - it sure looks like we’re getting the word out about the new Facebook Groups and their benefits!

The InspirACTION Challenge by Avram Gonzales

Club banging original music video introduction and conclusion surround an inspirational message from Mr. InspirACTION himself on why Challenging yourself to do new things leads to tremendous personal growth

3 Ways to Borrow Information in 2011 Without Plagiarizing by Alina Navarro

Get the down-low on the best practices for borrowing information on the net and publishing it as your own. Just like you learned in high school, this guide will keep your content clean, and the original content creators happy.

Are You a Leader or Distributor? by Darren Sanford

The distinction between Leaders and Distributors is great in the Network Marketing industry. Each group is drastically different, and you must keep in mind how to treat each and serve their needs differently.

The Seven Be’s of Relationship Building by Matt Geib

Matt Geib explores the Better Ways to Build Better Relationships! Some of these include being honest, authentic and being interesting! Simple concepts with powerful results.

Podcasts: Getting Set-Up by Rebecca Happy

Ever wanted to start your own podcast? Rebecca Happy takes you through the Step by Step Guide to getting your podcasts up and running! Includes breakdown of minimum equipment needs and alternative methods.

Facebook Groups and Social Media etiquette, who gives a Tweet? by Peter Masters

Peter conveys his enlightenment in how Facebook and the new Facebook groups have transformed his business. There’s also a discussion fueled by particular events in what proper “netiquette” might imply.

Why Does Embarrassment Cause Stress? by Joshua Bevan

Hilarious video and evolutionary perspective on the stress of embarrassment. It all makes sense why we’re so afraid of becoming embarrassed as there are logical roots in our human history!

And Now the Ball is Officially Rolling… by Jon Wirtz

Talented music blog from Denver Colorado. Enjoy the relaxing music with a fine cup of coffee in the morning or get jazzed up and ready for that hot date tonight!

DUI / DWI Law Revealed & Explained: Virginia Drunk Driving by Marina Medvin

A Legal Professional’s interpretation of the new DUI and DWI laws in Virginia.

Fat Burning Diet Plan by Donna L. Thomas

Simple fat burning guide that is easy to digest! Easy foods to prepare and have available for you no matter where you’re at in your day.

Choosing a Logo for your Brand by Lauren Huston

Deciding on your logo can be one of the most difficult things any business owner faces. Lauren will help you decide and drill down into the important factors you need to keep in mind. She also provides solid resources in where you can get reliable logo work done for you.

Who are You? Who are you Online? by Igor Burdetskiy

This post brings to light the importance of taking who you are offline, and translating it into your online identity. How will people perceive you or your company?

How to Drive Traffic to your Business with Video Marketing for Free! by Yusuf Chowdhury

Just like it sounds! Some great resources and thoughts on how to gain better exposure to your company or brand through free marketing tools and strategies.

Giving Through Chocolates by Francisca Giannini

Nothing shows love and gratitude for another than by expressing it through gifts of chocolate. Everyone loves chocolate right? A fine example of expressing appreciation for your customers with the intrinsic value provided by your business.

Entrepreneurship is a Leap of Faith by Rona MacFarland

Why jumping out of our comfort zone is so important! Rona takes a leap of fate, leaving her reservations far behind her in order to become more successful. Does it pay off? Find out!

How to Give More Value, Get People to Like You, and Open the Flow of Money by Ryan Yokome

Simply put: THIS IS A MUST READ for anyone looking to improve their mindset! Curious why things have or have not been going your way? This post will open your eyes.

Brown Chicken Brown Cow String Band by Di Davis

An Entertaining live performance video recording at Saracina Wine Caves

Seven Deadly Sins When Leveraging Facebook Groups by Marcelle Allen

What are the Seven Deadly Sins of leveraging Facebook Groups exactly? This is a Creative take on what NOT to do when using Facebook Groups!

Ways of Optimizing Blog in Search Engines by Erwin Felicilda

Important components to keep in mind when optimizing your blog posts. Things need to be kept simple for the reader, and easy to pick up by the search engines. Get schooled and set your foundation for better SEO results.

Your Guide to Doing Less and Getting Bigger Results in 2011 by Chris Hughes

Great Principles and Fantastic Resources to Save Time and GO BIG in 2011! Chris Hughes breaks down why we’re often spinning our wheels and how we can improve our results with the finite time we’re given. Something for everyone in this blog post - health, wealth, fitness, you name it!

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  • Chris Hughes

    awesome compilation here Avram! I’ll be going to visit every one of these posts to learn more :)

    • Avram

      Thanks Chris! I went through every single one and there are some unique gems in there :)

  • Erwin Felicild@

    Very Cool Avram! I’m going through each post of each bloggers and learning so much. I appreciate you showcasing my blog as well!

    • Avram

      You’re gonna love it! Thank you for participating in the first ever link roundup Erwin!

  • Dreamosity

    I love this concept =) Value packed posts too! Thanks again for the opportunity to share.


    thank you for putting this together Avram. This is really good, and I’ve already noticed an increase in traffic from the post!

    • Avram

      You bet dude! I too have also noticed an increase :)

  • Anonymous

    Wow! This is so cool. I am glad to go through all these blog posts. Some of them I never had the chance to. Great idea Avram and I know Link Roundup is an awesome technique. We appreciate it bro :)

  • Tracy Hardrick Allen

    You all rock!!!

  • Rona MacFarland

    Whoa! So Grateful and blessed for the opportunity to shine:-) Thank you Avram!

  • Rona MacFarland

    Whoa! So Grateful and blessed for the opportunity to shine:-) Thank you Avram!

  • Kathleen M. Keith

    Hot stuff, Avram!! I posted on my page too. I read a lot of these before but all together, well simply amazing…I hope to be in the March group!

    • Avram

      Gotta play to win Kathleen! Make sure you’re on the list and you won’t miss the opportunity!

  • Jarrett Gucci

    Great collection here!  Are you going to do this every Friday?

    I am working on a way to take a Facebook thread and easily turn it into a Blog post.  Can you imagine the power of that plugin?

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